Placenta Services

Want something you don’t see? Let’s talk! All add-ons are available a la carte, and can be added to any package!

Specialty Add-Ons

None of these add-on services prevent your placenta being used for encapsulation, however some will result in fewer capsules.

tincture bottle with yellow flowers is part of placenta encapsulation in dc

Tincture or Essence

A tincture or tincture essence is a great way to make the benefits of your placenta last for (literally) a lifetime. I make the tincture by soaking a small piece of your placenta in 80-100 proof, high-quality alcohol. For an essence, I soak it for 24 hours. For a full tincture, it soaks for up to 6 weeks. Being parent can be stressful, and those capsules are not going to last forever. You can use this remedy throughout your life for so many things! Energy, hormonal balancing during your cycle (and menopause!), and times of stress. It will last pretty much forever when you store it the right way. I will leave you with instructions and supplies for completing the tincture.

tin of salve with a green leaf is part of placenta encapsulation in dc

Placenta-Infused Salve

I love creating this rich, healing salve! I make it using organic herbs, oils, butters, and a piece of your fresh placenta. You can use it on a cesarean scar after the incision has closed to help with healing. Also, you can use it relieve itching and discomfort as the stitches heal. You can use this his jewel of a butter for a lot of things. Try it for perineal healing, hemorrhoids, scars, sunburn, cracked or sore nipples, diaper rash and more. It is safe for your baby (as long as junior has no skin allergies), as well as your cloth diapers. Please ask for a list of ingredients if you have any allergy concerns.

Currently unavailable

Smoothie Drops

Due to concerns over safety during the pandemic, smoothie drops will not be offered until further notice.

Taking a piece your fresh placenta soon after birth is a great first step to quicker healing. This is especially true if you lost a lot of blood at birth. Yet since most mamas aren’t feeling the urge to make raw placenta their first post-birth meal… (I mean, a hamburger would be AH-MAZING, but placenta…?), this is a good alternative. First, I blend up a piece of your placenta. Then form it into drops that I freeze and individually wrapped for easy addition into a smoothie. Just pop one or two in a blender with your favorite morning mix of fruity goodness, and you won’t even know it’s there! I make enough drops for 10 smoothies.

Magic Spray *

Postpartum care for “down there”. Okay, it’s not really magic, but it is pretty darn close! This gentle, lady-part toning, tear-and-hemorrhoid-healing, inflammation-soothing, pain-relieving spritz is everything your bottom needs postpartum. I use Witch Hazel for toning stretched tissue and broken skin. I aos add essential oils of clary sage and frankincense for their healing, toning, and cramp-relieving properties. Finally, I toss in a bit of aloe vera for soothing swelling and discomfort. Keep this little gem in the fridge for an even greater soothing effect.

*spray does not come infused with glittery lights. But you knew that.

beautiful placenta print as a part of Placenta Encapsulation in DC

Tree of Life Prints

I creat these beautiful keepsakes on artist-quality watercolor paper. They look gorgeous in a frame! Each one is a completely unique testament to one of your superpowers. Growing a whole new organ specifically to create a human being. With your body. Amazing. I generally create several prints; each is yours to keep. I use edible food-coloring to make these prints, but always cover the placenta with a barrier. This prevents anything but pure placenta going into the capsules.

keepsake paintings are offered as a part of placenta encapsulation in dc

Keepsake Paintings

I make these paintings using the same supplies as the Tree of Life prints, minus the placenta! If you are a bit squeamish about having a print of your placenta, these unique keepsake paintings echo the Tree of Life prints in style. They also have the added benefit of having a place to add your baby’s footprints and birth stats! I generally create 3-5 prints during this process. Each is your to keep.

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