Jenny Corbett, certified provider of placenta encapsulation in Silver Spring, with her husband and newborn son.

You are so prepared.

I mean prepared to give birth. You’ve read all the books. Preregistered at the hospital. Have a birth plan in place. The nursery is perfect. You’ve got roughly 7000 diapers laid in. Picked out the perfect bringing baby home outfit. You’re as prepared as you are ever likely to be when it comes to bringing home baby.

If you are like most modern first-time parents, you have put a great deal of time and effort into preparing for your birth. But – if you are like most of us – you have not put quite as much thought into what life with a baby really looks like.

Let’s talk about postpartum.

So maybe you’ve been thinking…

  • “How am I going to handle the hormones after birth?”
  • “What if my milk doesn’t come in?”
  • “How will I  have the energy to be a good mom if I can’t get any sleep?”
  • “Who can I turn to when I just don’t know what to do?”
Placenta remedies can help!
Adorable baby sleeping while his mom takes advantage of placenta encapsulation in Silver Spring, MD
A skeptical newborn baby boy wonder why his mom had placenta encapsulation in silver spring MD

Now just imagine if instead, you could be thinking…

  • “I’ve got a plan in place to manage the postpartum hormone-coaster.”
  • “I am confident I can nurse my baby with ease.”
  • “I’m being proactive about my postpartum recovery so I can be the best mom I can be.”
  • “I know who I can call when I need help.”
  • That’s the kind of confidence you can expect when you hire Silver Spring Doula for Placenta Encapsulation and remedies.

    I want this kind of confidence!

    Placenta pills can help…

    • …balance postpartum hormones.
    • …replenish iron that was depleted during pregnancy and birth.
    • increase your energy levels.
    • …help establish and maintain good milk supply.
    • …decrease postpartum bleeding.
    • …help your uterus to shrink back down to its pre-pregnancy size.

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    After your baby is born, you will enter an amazing time of love, bonding, and discovery. It is also a time of intense healing and emotions. Therefore it is just as important to prepare for postpartum as it is to prepare for your baby’s Birth Day. We live in a society that says a new mom should be back on her feet an a few days.
    Don’t fall for it!
    It is so important to take the time to REST, RECOVER, and BOND with your baby.

    Want to learn more about how to have a happy and healthy postpartum? Contact me and get a FREE copy of Postpartum Tips for an Easier Recovery

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    Is there any science to back up eating your placenta postpartum?

    At this point, a lot of the evidence for eating your placenta is anecdotal. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t looking into it! As we speak, there are human studies going on at UNLV. Check out the articles below for a look inside the ongoing debate.

    Science and Sensibility:Placentophagy: Pop-Culture Phenomenon or an Evidence Based Practice

    Why should I eat my placenta? Check out this video!

    A lot of women are Googling “should I eat my placenta postpartum?” mostly because it seems like the new thing to do. But it is more than a fad. This video will give you crash course into the existing research into taking placenta pills after your baby is born. Answers to all your burning questions -“What’s in my placenta? ” “Why should I eat my placenta postpartum?” “How can placenta pills help my after my baby is born” – they’re all here!

    Worried about safety?

    So am I!

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